Renewables + Alternative Energy

Service Overview

In a carbon and resource constrained world, we will need to fuel more of our global power demand with renewable energy. While many technologies may still be in early stages of development and appear costly, it's clear that the future of electricity generation rests with renewable generation - solar, wind, geothermal, biofuels and waste-to-energy. In addition, when the full, societal and environmental cost of carbon from fossil fuel power generation is considered, many of these technologies can deliver power at a comparable total cost. Our team provides services that cover the entire asset life-cycle - the strategic, planning, design, construction management, and operational support needed for our clients to develop renewable and alternative energy projects - reliably and economically.

We have experience ranging from large generating plants (e.g. wind farms) to facility-based distributed electricity systems (DES), such as roof-top solar arrays. Whether it's siting studies, environmental approvals, project permitting, power generation facilities, transmission lines or supporting infrastructure, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver projects that provide safe, clean, affordable, reliable and renewable energy to society.