Feasibility + Due Diligence

Service Overview

This stage of a project, which creates the analysis and deliverables required to green light a project and position it for launch, is critically important.

Our project management team can ensure a well-defined project scope, thorough research, simulation of an optimal execution plan, in consultation with stakeholders prior to final decision making.

Our front-end approach creates the environment for success, by establishing the alignment of key metrics such as a baseline program, initial budget, financial model, and master schedule.

Services include:

  • Owner representative during feasibility and planning
  • Condition surveys of existing assets, including engineering assessment of systems
  • Cost estimates for remedial work, refurbishment, or conversion to a different use
  • Oversight of market demand studies, business planning
  • Strategic planning, development of a detailed program, analyzing asset options, ensuring response to business and operating objectives
  • Capital cost estimation and project timelines
  • Pro forma development
  • Analysis of entitlements, governmental approval requirements, operating permissions
  • Consultant and design team procurement
  • Conceptual design management
  • Due diligence reports, financing packages, lender presentations

The deliverables of the phase are adequate to green light further pursuit of the project, and to provide assurance that once the decision to proceed has been made, all the resources are readily mobilized and managed to maximize capital effectiveness.