Service Overview

Our transportation team has extensive experience and is prequalified by several agencies to plan, design and construct aviation facilities, expressways, toll ways, transit, rail, state highways, local roads, streets, bridge structures and moveable bridges. We also design roadway lighting, traffic signals and signing as well as pump stations.

From feasibility, safety, traffic and location and drainage studies to designing and construction administration, we provide a full range of services to meet the needs of the client's transportation needs.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Feasibility, Safety, Traffic and Location/Drainage Studies
  • Hydraulic Reports for Waterways and Pump Stations
  • Location and Design Studies for New Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Environmental Assessments and Environment Impact Statements
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Route Surveying and Land Surveying
  • Construction Administration
  • Environmental Planning
  • Bridge Engineering
  • Drainage and Hydrology Engineering
  • Engineering Materials Testing and Evaluation
  • Environmental Design for Highways
  • Foundations and Pavement Engineering
  • Control, Engineering and Legal Surveys