2011 Delsaer - Project Managers Inc., a project management firm based in Montreal, QC that specializes in the Industrial, Energy, Institutional, Petrochemical, Aluminum and Mining and Metallurgy sectors, joins the exp family.

2011 Trow Global becomes exp.

2010 Teng & Associates Inc., a U.S.-based provider of design, engineering and program management services for major infrastructure projects joins the Trow Global group of companies, doubling Trow Global's U.S. presence.

2010 Barenco Inc., a Canadian environmental engineering and sciences services consulting firm in Gormley Ontario, joins the Trow Global group of companies.

2009 X-nth, an international consulting firm to the building industry headquartered in Orlando, Florida, joins Trow Global.

2009 ADI Limited, a consulting engineering firm headquartered in Fredericton, New Brunswick joins Trow Global.

2009 Trow merges with Banerjee & Associates Limited, a consulting structural engineering firm located in Markham, ON.

2008 Trow Global merges with Group Eight Engineering Limited, a Hamilton, ON-based consulting structural, mechanical and electrical engineering firm.

2008 Trow Global merges with Advanced Environmental Corp., a firm specializing in occupational hygiene and environmental engineering.

2008 Trow Global merges with Richardson Foster Ltd., a civil engineering firm with offices in Barrie, Hamilton and Bracebridge, ON.

2008 Trow Global merges with Smylie & Crow Associates, a mechanical and electrical engineering firm in London, ON.

2008 Trow Global enters into a partnership with General Atlantic by receiving a minority investment, critical to accelerating Trow's expansion and growth.

2008 Teknika HBA, a Quebec-based multidisciplinary engineering firm with more than 700 employees announces a merger with Trow Global.

2006 Weslake Inc. and Trow join forces. The merger adds new offices in Hamilton and Brantford.

2006 Northern Ontario based firm, Sutcliffe Rody Quesnel Inc., joins the Trow Group of Companies. The acquisitions adds new offices in Cochrane, Kenora, New Liskeard, Timmins and North Bay.

2006 Third Alberta-based office opens. Progressive Engineering opens a second office in Edmonton, Alberta to accommodate increasing demands since joining the Trow Group.

2006 New office opens in Calgary, Alberta to service the increasing Energy Services demand.

2006 Progressive Engineering, based in Calgary, Alberta, joins the Trow Group of Companies, adding increased land development. The merger with Progressive brings staff to nearly 900.

2005 Carruthers & Wallace Ltd., a Trow Company, is awarded the Schreyer Award by the Canadian Consulting Engineers Association for the Most Outstanding Technical Project Overall for the year.

2005 Structural Engineering firm Carruthers & Wallace Ltd. joins the Trow Group of Companies, adding an increased availability of services in Structural Engineering.

2005 Northland Engineering joins the Trow Group of Companies. Offices located in Subury and North Bay, Ontario.